That Got Me Thinking with Ellie Newman

 Skills for a Better Divorce and a New Path Forward:

Susan joins host Ellie Newman  in the thought provoking podcast, That Got Me Thinking.  In this episode the conversation turns to mediation and the skills needed to stay together or successfully break apart.  Click the picture to listen!

Divorce Sucks Podcast

Susan Guthrie on Laura Wasser's Divore Sucks Podcast

On the "Master Your Destiny" Episode, Celebrity Divorce Attorney, Laura Wasser, speaks with Susan and other divorce experts talking about narcissists, reclaiming your power and other divorce tips!

Sketch Comedy Podcast Show


 Susan Guthrie has been a divorce attorney for 30 years, and now calls herself a recovering litigator and helps people separate peacefully and respectfully with mediation. After living in California for a couple of years, she even offers a mindfulness track with mediation, breathing exercises and intention setting.   Find out more in the video!

Eye on Chicago


A special interview with host Molly Hillenbrand of Eye on Chicago coming soon!

From Betrayal to Breakthrough with Dr. Debi Silber

From Betrayal to Breakthrough with Dr. Debi Silber with Susan Guthrie and Rebecca Zung

Catching a Cheater & Divorce, Episode 58

Susan Guthrie and Rebecca Zung, co-hosts of Breaking Free: A Modern Divorce Podcast discuss divorce, betrayal, mediation and more on this interesting episode!

Divorce Diaries Podcast

Divorce Diaries Show Podcast welcomes Attorney Susan Guthrie

 Divorce Diaries Welcomes Susan Guthrie, U.S. Top Family Law Attorney & Mediator, Co-Founder/Principal Breaking Free Mediation, Divorce a Better Way, she talks about being a divorce attorney, finding the positive in divorce through mediation, and she helps one of Michele's Exes in 'finding his way' even if he's reluctant to see it. 

Tracy Malone Narcissist Abuse Survivor Coach Podcast

Tracy Malone Narcissist Abuse Survivor Coach Podcast with Susan Guthrie and Rebecca Zung

The episode features top attorneys, Susan Guthrie and Rebecca Zung, hosts of iTunes Top 10 Podcast, Breaking Free: A Modern Divorce Podcast who share  the things you need to understand about divorcing a narcissist. Does cheating affect your divorce? What questions do you need to ask a potential lawyer? What are some examples of things that narcissists pull in court. Learn how to protect yourself and your children from a narcissist. Divorce & Other Things You Can Handle Podcast with Susan Guthrie and Rebecca Zung's Divorce & Other Things You Can Handle

Susan Guthrie, Esq. and Rebecca Zung, Esq. join Jenn Butler, Host of "Divorce & Other Things You Can Handle" from to talk about how mindfulness can be brought into the mediation process, for the best chance at a win-win resolution. It is possible to step away from the fear and conflict that typically defines divorce.  Click on the picture to listen!


Relationships with Rob

 Rob interviews Top Divorce Attorney in the US, Susan Guthrie, an online mediation specialist, co-host of a  top iTunes podcast called “Breaking Free: A Modern Divorce” podcast and Divorce Innovation Specialist to discuss how she helps you resolve your matters peacefully. She has the only mediation service in the country that offers a mindfulness track and believes this to be the missing link to a much better result for the whole family as they restructure the future.  Click the picture to listen!

The Erica Glessing Show with Susan Guthrie

The Erica Glessing Show

Susan joins veteran podcast host Erica Glessing on her #1 iTunes podcast, The Erica Glessing Show discussing the top mistakes people make in their divorce as well as the role of mindfulness in helping them through the process.   They discuss how to find peace of mind in divorce and how to move forward in a better way!  Click the picture to listen!

Articles & Writings



 Separate Bank Accounts will not protect your money in a divorce - here is what will.  Interview by Megan Leonhardt

Next Avenue

Next Avenue Logo for article featuring Susan Guthrie

"8 Ways to Lower the Cost of a Divorce" article by Brette Sember.  Divorce is often a very expensive process but there are ways to save money if you are savvy.


Forbes article featuring Susan Guthrie

Divorce can be destructively expensive but this article contains tips from top divorce attorneys, including Susan Guthrie, on how to save money in the process.  Article by Brette Sember, J.

American Bar Association's "Just Resolutions"


The Future is Online:  Why You Need to Offer Online Dispute Resolution Services Blog


 How Selling My House Convinced Me to Sell My Old Engagement Ring on 

She Knows

She Knows

What Moms Need to Know About Custody & Child Support, According to Divorce Lawyers

Interview by Claire Gillespie

Hello Divorce


Get to Resolution and Peace with Less Expense, Time and Stress with Mindful Divorce Mediation - Coming Soon!

Divorce Magazine

Divorce Magazine

 Harry Macklowe Divorce:  Mogul Plasters Picture of New Wife on Skyscraper.  Inverview by Natalie Bogdanski.  Click on picture to read.

How to Have a Healthy Divorce in Your 20s and 30s.  Interview by Katie Moritz.  Click on picture to read.

Divorce Magazine

3 Common Misconceptions About Divorce Mediation

3 Common Misconceptions About Divorce Mediation

Divorce Magazine

3 Ways a Consulting Attorney is Worth the Expense in Divorce

3 Ways a Consulting Attorney is Worth the Expense in Divorce

Divorce Magazine


3 Ways for Divorced Parents Can Keep Halloween Being Scary for Their Kids