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Susan Guthrie of Divorce in a Better Way

Attorney Susan Guthrie has 30 years of experience as one of the top family law and mediation attorneys in the country and now you can experience the benefits of her knowledge and expertise with her online legal coaching services!

Legal Strategy and Negotiation Coaching


Susan provides guidance and advice based upon her many years as a top family law attorney to people who are proceeding through the family law courts without attorneys or who need some help  navigating their family law situation.  Susan's elite legal coaching services will assist you with all phases of your case from understanding the process and determining your path forward to preparing for court appearances, negotiating settlement and plotting you new future.     

High Conflict Coaching


As one of the top divorce attorneys in the country, Susan has worked with countless clients to help them through their high conflict divorces and she has created this program to help you using methods that she has developed over decades of handling narcissists, borderline personality disordered individuals and other high conflict personalities.  You can find freedom from the never-ending and exhausting conflict with your high-conflict ex and this program is designed specifically for YOU!

Why Online Mediation Services?


Online Divorce Mediation

With the use of an online platform, you can work through the issues of your divorce with your mediator whether you are on opposite side of the globe or just down the street from each other.


Video Conferences via Zoom can be scheduled in the privacy of your own home or office and at times that best suit your busy schedule.  The Zoom app is free to download at


With travel time taken out of the equation, you can avoid the expense of missing work or having to hire childcare in order to meet with your attorney or mediator.  In addition, the Zoom platform is free to use for clients.


The Zoom platform is simple and easy to use and allows you to both see your  mediator and spouse while also having the flexibility to share documents or forms on screen for ease of discussion or review.

What is Online Divorce Coaching?


Legal Support Coaching

We provide legal advice and assistance to parties who are proceeding through the family law courts without attorneys.  We can assist you with all phases of your case from understanding the process and determining your path forward to preparing for court appearances and negotiating settlement. 

Case Evaluation and Strategy Coaching

 For Parties still in the decision phase of trying to determine if divorce or other court action is the right path, we offer case evaluation and consultation to help you make informed decisions about how you wish to proceed.  We will provide you with valuable information and help you formulate a plan to move forward. 

Review and Consulting Counsel

 For parties proceeding as self-represented or who are mediating their divorce or family law matter, we offer critical support by providing individual legal advice, coaching and document and agreement review so that you are fully informed and prepared as you move forward.

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